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The “Mothers and Daughters” Premier


Tonight is the big night. I’m so excited to reconnect with the cast and crew of “Mothers and Daughters” and share this wonderful celebration with my daughter June, who will be my chaperon tonight. Anybody in the business knows what a miraculous feat it is to get a movie made. It all starts with the dream of a screen writer banging away on their computer keys for months and sometimes years on end, molding imagination into characters and stories. Then that writer must shop their finished product and pray to find some passionate brave producer who sees and believes in their vision and decides that they would like to either invest and bring other producers on to invest in in order to get it made. Then a director has to be chosen to guide the whole process along, a crew assembled..and actors have to be cast.

For me, this experience was a dream come true. Mainly because of how it came to me. About 4 years ago I was performing in a powerful play written by Pedro Antonio Garcia called “Firehouse” and after one particular performance I was approached by a passionate producer named Amy Williams who was so enamored with the play and my performance, that she decided she wanted to keep in touch with the hopes that one day we might be able to work together. A few times throughout the years she reached out to refer me for other projects but none of them panned out for me. So when this one came along, I have to say, I decided I wasn’t going to allow myself to get my hopes up. I thought this was way too good to be true but Amy persisted to leave me messages, telling me how she wanted me to play this one particular role but then suddenly that role ended up getting cut down in the script, so she left me another message saying not to worry that there was an even better role that she had in mind for me. She proceeded to tell me all about the project and all who was going to be in the film and how hard she had fought not only to get it produced but to have me in it and although I was extremely flattered and hopeful, I still would not allow myself to believe that it was going to happen.

As actors we play so many mind games with ourselves, trying to focus and visualize exactly what we want and believing earnestly that it is going to happen and although I do believe in that sort creative visualization, on this occasion I just said, screw it, it’s going to happen or not. If it does, it would be an amazing blessing and if it doesn’t, so be it. Well it turns out it was an amazing blessing. I had such a great time working on this movie, the cast and crew were awesome and it was such a wonderful experience that no one can ever take away. So I am going to sit back with my baby girl with a bucket of pop corn and just bask in seeing another dream come true. Thank you God! And Thank You Amy Williams!!!