Stepping into tomorrow…

….got both feet on the ground. Stepping into tomorrow, my destiny is found.  This melodic mantra by the great jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd  has become my theme song for 2017.

I don’t know about you but for me 2016 was a Mutha F&@^#  filled with a lot of heart break, loss and disappointment.  By the end of it, I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant” after getting mauled by the bear, except thankfully I wasn’t abandoned by those closest to me. Quite the contrary,  the hardships of 2016 created a deeper bond with those I love and love me the most.

But ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that it is I alone who must take responsibility for my own happiness and the quality of my life. I can’t allow myself to wallow in the muck of a messed up system or blame others or to look to anyone else to save me. No. I believe that we all have the God given potential to transform and create the life we desire.

But sometimes I do get overwhelmed with doubt and fear and feel lost and confused about what my purpose is and what I am doing with my life. During one such moment of confusion, I received some really great advice from a counselor that I’d like to share. He advised me to look back at my adult life in 5 year increments and to take account and write down all that I was able to do and accomplish during that time. Then I was encouraged to write out a list of 5 things that I wanted to do/create/accomplish in the next 5 years. The point of the exercise is to see the running, creative  themes that connect our past with our future and to step back to see the bigger picture that is being created and then with pride and joy continue filling in the blank spaces with more of our unique ideas, passions and desires.

Have you ever heard the saying that we were made in the image of the creator.  I interpret this to mean that we are all made to be little creators,  granted with the immense responsibility and creative ability to create.  Life is a constant collaboration between the supreme creative force of the universe and our own abilities coming together in a moment to manifest our destiny on a daily basis.

So that is my resolution and my commitment this year.  TO TAKE GREAT PRIDE AND JOY IN CREATING,  CELEBRATING AND EXPRESSING MY OWN UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES AND LOVE OF LIFE.  I hope and pray that you will do the same.

Peace and Love…