Taking the first step…

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I am so thankful that everyday is a  new opportunity to embrace life and live the life you want.  I have been wanting to develop this acting lab and facilitate a space for actors to delve deep into their process and flesh out their need for self expression. But for whatever reasons. I just wouldn’t, couldn’t,  didn’t.  I have to admit,  I am a bit of a procrastinator. You might think, “Wow you, a procrastinator, You’ve been actively pursuing  your dreams  and achieving your goals in one of the most challenging professions there is”  And yes  that is true,  I do take pride in the fact that I have been extremely resilient and persistent in the pursuit of being an actor but there are still so many desires, creative ideas and dreams that  haunt me.

There are a lot of reasons why we procrastinate and keep  shrugging off our inspiration and desires. Some are even rooted in reality, i.e. financial challenges,  family responsibilities, lack of time etc.  Other excuses  are a result of our own fragile psyche. We allow the weeds of  doubt to choke out and kill even the slightest possibility of our inspiration blossoming into a magical garden.  But I am here to say that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to pursuit a dream.  Every journey begins with one tiny step. That first, tiny step can be the hardest of all but once you take that first step the 2nd one will  come that much easier.

CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION are constantly calling. The master plan, our map to our true treasure is ever present waiting to be discovered and followed.

Now that I am on step #45 at and the pep in my step is coming from all of the positive energy , passion and courage that that I am witnessing in the folks that are  coming and dropping into the lab. And it feels amazing!!!

Here is what they are saying:

Tamara wrote: Thank you!!! It was so incredible and just what my soul was asking for. You are dynamic! What a wonderful gift it was to have today’s experience🙏🏽 I am a definite yes for next Saturday. And will be sharing my experience with others.Thank you for the magic!

Laura wrote:  Last Saturday’s class was such a positive experience and I wanted to thank you once again. Its good for me to step out of my comfort zone, push myself and learn something new. I thought you did a great job! Your passion and knowledge shined through the entire class. I think one of the best things is you create a non- judgmental atmosphere. I knew no matter how dumb, insecure or inexperienced I felt that you would in now way judge me. That is an AMAZING ability to make people feel that way, especially in what you are teaching.

And Devon wrote a whole blog post about it. Check out her super fabulous blog and what she wrote about her experience in the lab here.

I am so psyched and inspired to do it again

Saturday  9AM  The New Collective LA – Acting Studio

6440 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood CA. 90038 (between Wilcox and Cole, a few doors east of the The Complex)

email me @davebaez@davebaez.com to get more info and to reserve your space.